Casey’s Wife Missing Gold Rush

Casey Morgan’s Wife Missing

Arizona is a gold miner’s dream with its expansive deserts and wide open spaces, but mining can be dangerous work, leading to accidents from time to time. Last month, one such accident resulted in Jesse Goins’s tragic death – captured on camera – sparking debate about whether more stringent safety precautions should be implemented. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends during this tragic time – while this tragedy serves as a reminder to always follow your employer’s rules when operating heavy equipment.

Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine season 4 episode 8 delivered shocking news to Team Turin: KC Morgan learned of Vee’s disappearance and has to tell Team Turin she needs his help finding her.

No details exist as to what caused Vee to vanish; however, both Instagram accounts for her and her siblings in 2022 indicate that everything seems well between her and the Morgans despite any drama on Gold Rush which may have had an adverse impact on their relationship or ability to raise a family.

Discovery, the producer and broadcaster of Gold Rush, issued its first-ever statement about an incident involving one of their reality stars – Jesse Goins. A company spokeswoman issued this statement and expressed condolences to his family and friends.

Vee is sure to send shockwaves through all the crew members when she suddenly disappears from a show, as she has long been part of its cast and instrumental in its success.

She has been an integral member of our suction gold dredge driving team for more than a decade, contributing technical knowledge as well as invaluable sources of insight for her colleagues in mining.

As a result of her hard work, she’s earned the respect and admiration of her fellow cast members and has also played an influential role in Casey Morgan becoming the successful miner he is today. They share a son together and spend much of their time together off camera – Casey is especially keen to show his son all aspects of mining! He takes great pleasure in teaching him everything he knows.

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