Casey Wife Missing Gold Rush

Gold Rush Cast Member Casey Wife Goes Missing

Gold Rush follows various mining crews around the world as they search for riches in various locations around the globe. While some companies may prove more successful than others, viewers have enjoyed its thrills since its debut. Now, one cast member is dealing with real life turmoil as his wife has gone missing from an episode filming location.

According to reports by New York Daily News, Vee Morgan has gone missing while filming for Discovery Channel show Casey Woods: Exploration. Vee is Casey’s wife and an adventure-seeker herself who teaches fitness through YouTube channels such as fitness coaching. She recently gave birth and is known by those close to her for sharing her knowledge in this field with them.

Vee Woods, 48, was last seen during filming for her husband’s showdown ride down a steep cliff and went over the side during a stunt, going missing and reported missing by Sunday evening according to reports in The Daily News. Her death has sent shockwaves through online communities as many speculate whether or not Vee will return from wherever she was found. According to The Daily News’ accounts, she lost her footing during this stunt and went over the side. Her body has yet to be found by authorities.

While Woods’ disappearance remains unclear, a source close to her claims she could not reach her family due to poor cell service. Furthermore, the source reported that authorities advised Woods’ family not to discuss or discuss publicly about the situation in order to safeguard her safety.

Discovery Channel released a statement, lamenting Vee’s death while working closely with law enforcement to aid her search efforts.

In the interim, the network is encouraging viewers to contact their local police department and has established a tip line for anyone willing to assist in the search process.

Though devastating events have befallen Lynx Creek, their crew remains focused on getting through another season. Dave comes up with an idea to increase production but puts him in jeopardy; Jason battles a flooded cut, while Chris experiences difficulties with his new wash plant. They must continue working despite Vee’s disappearance threatening their efforts and remain hopeful that her search will soon come to a fruition; stay tuned for further updates of this heartbreaking tale!

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