Matthew Mack Fitchburg Ma

Matthew Mack, 38, Shot and Killed a Police K-9 on Tuesday, State Police said

Massachusetts State Police reported on Tuesday morning that a 38-year-old suspect named Matthew Mack had barricaded himself inside a Fitchburg home, shooting and killing a police K-9 during a standoff before apparently shooting himself, possibly ending it all. Mack is wanted for firearms offenses and accessories after the fact related to an earlier shooting incident at Fitchburg’s 40 Oliver Street location this month, which warranted arrest warrants. When surveillance began at 9 a.m. local time troopers planned on arresting him based on these warrants but had other plans which involved them having surveillance start. Colonel Christopher Mason stated that troopers planned on arresting Mack on these warrants at 40 Oliver Street starting surveillance around 9 am with plans on arrest warrants issued against him by state troopers intending on arrest warrants issued for earlier this month on related shooting charges as part of an operation related to this month-old shooting event related charges for firearms charges and accessories after-fact charges in relation to an earlier shooting incident this month-based shooting incident linked by State Troopers at 40 Oliver Street around 9 am with plans of arresting Mack on these warrants before beginning surveillance with plans on arresting him upon learning about these warrants started surveillance around 9 am with intentions on him planned on taking place around 9 am with plans on him before 9 am so they began monitoring this three-story multifamily house around 9 am with plans of arresting him later arresting him before 9 am with hopes that could occur later on that morning incident that involved firearms related incidents earlier allegedly occurred earlier. State Troo then happened earlier. State Troop Colonel Christopher Mason said troopers began surveillance.

Mason reported that when troopers attempted to contact Mack early in the day, he refused to exit his residence and barricaded himself inside. Troopers, including those from Special Operations Unit and crisis negotiators attempted to convince him to leave but they were unsuccessful; at one point however they heard female voices inside and negotiators were able to communicate with her through her doorway.

At 3 p.m., police noticed Mack at a rear exit of the residence and approached, with Trooper David Stucenski and K-9 Frankie in tow, to approach. Mack shot at them both but did not strike a blow against Stucenski who remained uninjured, while Frankie went back into the house before eventually being released back home by negotiators. Eventually the woman hostage managed to exit.

By 5 pm, Mason heard gunshots inside Mack’s home, and verified his death through drone footage that showed no other occupants were present and that bullet had entered through the back entrance of his residence.

Fitchburg Police Relief Association raised thousands of dollars and unveiled on Sunday a memorial statue for Frankie at its police memorial park, officially ending his standoff. Frankie served with the State Police for nine years earning multiple awards alongside Sgt. David Stucenski who handled him.

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Matthew Mack, 29, has been charged with armed robbery and other offenses following an incident in October at Fitchburg’s laundromat. It is alleged he robbed two women at knifepoint before stealing their vehicle before leading police on an extended pursuit across several towns. Last month, he was charged with robbery and other offenses, such as motor vehicle larceny, operating to endanger, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and leaving the scene of property damage. He is currently being held without bail at Worcester House of Correction, facing up to 10 years if found guilty on current charges. His criminal history dates back to 2001; currently on pretrial probation following an incident from 2021 wherein he stabbed an occupant of a parked vehicle in downtown Fitchburg injuring them severely,

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