Casey Becker Scream Phone

Casey Becker Answers the Scream Phone

For a while now, we’ve all seen the old Scream film series and its various sequels, but did you know that the first on-screen murder was a casey? In fact, the casey aficionado may not be the only one. It’s not uncommon to find one of the scream queens posing in a similar manner to her fictional counterpart.

The casey aficionado possesses a number of notable attributes, not the least of which is her love of horror films. While she wasn’t a fan of the original slasher film, she did enjoy watching the sequels. Sadly, her enthusiasm was not enough to prevent her from being murdered in the film’s most infamous episode. As a result, she ended up dismembered in the tree.

Although her name isn’t on the marquee, Casey Becker was a bona fide scream queen. Her only qualm was her overbearing parents. Not surprisingly, the casey aficionado was a movie buff who took her love of the supernatural to the next level, dating high school football player Steven Orth. She even dumped her longtime boyfriend, Stu Macher, for the star of the show.

Casey Becker was a small town girl who had a knack for the wacky and the unusual. Besides being a huge horror film aficionado, she also enjoyed the gizmo eminent. One of her favorite horror flicks was Halloween. Other favorites included the likes of the A Nightmare on Elm Street series. However, the best part about her was her friends. Among them was Tatum Riley, who was not only a fan of the slasher fad, but a fellow aficionado of the spooky and the scary.

Although her love of the supernatural wasn’t enough to protect her from an unseen assailant, she did manage to survive the initial volley. But her defense against the Ghostface has only made her worse off. After a brief skirmish, she’s forced to answer the aforementioned phone aficionado’s most important trivia question to save her life. What exactly did the aficionado mean by that?

While a great prank caller, the aforementioned aficionado’s escapades were not without their detractors. Despite her impressive achievements, her reputation as a jackass was further muddied by her father’s uncharacteristically shady tactics. His attempts to keep her from pursuing her dreams were a bit more than his usual shady antics.

On top of all of this, the aficionado’s favorite horror flicks were the likes of the Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. Having lived in the aforementioned towns, she also cultivated an affinity for the horror genre. That’s not to say that she was immune to the horrors of the world, however. Eventually, she had to drop out of Woodsboro High School, though, after a tragic incident left her mother and her sister dead.

The most obvious way to make sure that you don’t end up like the Casey aficionado is to keep a stern and vigilant eye on your home and family. There’s no telling what kind of monster is in your abode, so you might want to consider investing in a high-tech alarm system.

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