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Mike Wazowski – Mike’s New Car

Mike’s New Car is a computer animated short film produced by Pixar. It stars Mike Wazowski and characters from Monsters, Inc. and is the first Pixar short to use characters from a previously established work. The film has become a hit with the public and is one of Pixar’s highest grossing shorts.

The plot revolves around Mike’s obsession with his six-wheel drive car. He is puzzled as to why Sulley insists on playing with the power seat in his old car. Eventually, Mike snaps at Sulley and tells him to stop. This scene has become a classic in the car series.

In the Cars video games, Mike appears as a playable character in the story mode. He is also playable in arcade mode in Mike and Sulley’s Last Laugh. He also makes a cameo appearance in Big and Strong Again, appearing in the closing cutscene. He also makes a brief appearance in Tokyo Mater, appearing in the city when Mater drifts out of a building.

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