Cars Micro Drifters

Cars Micro Drifters Review

Cars Micro Drifters is a motorized track set that features multiple play areas and iconic scenes from the Disney/Pixar animated films. There are different areas for different vehicles and you can set the cars to race each other or swarm together. You can also change the configuration of the tracks by repositioning the track pieces.

The Micro Drifters are designed to recreate the races that fans love in the Cars movies. They are made in the same scale as the 1:55 scale characters in the movie. These vehicles feature ball bearing technology to mimic the action in the movies. The set is also sold in blind bag packages. These toy cars are available in select countries and are expected to be available for Easter 2013 and for a launch party on September 14, 2012. In 2012, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was previewed at Comic Con, but was not released due to copyright issues.

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