Care Bears Funko Pop

Care Bears Funko Pop

Care Bears have been bringing happiness to children’s lives for over 40 years. These adorable characters have appeared on many TV shows, feature films and comic books. They are also fun to collect and enjoy playing with. These special edition Care Bears Funko Pops are sure to please fans of the beloved characters.

The most sought-after Care Bear Cousin is the Playful Heart the Monkey. His 80s design and sandy yellow colour scheme have made him a collector’s favorite. As a result, he’s expected to sell for over $1000.

Older Care Bears are less valuable and bears that are specific to a particular region are more sought-after collectibles. They’re often limited editions, so they’re not easy to find. A Japanese edition of the Sweet Sakura Bear, for example, was released in 2009 for the cherry blossom festival, and has since had several redesigns and releases. Rare bears like these can fetch up to $150 on resale.

Although Harmony Bear has remained in the same colour palette from the 1980s cartoon, its belly badge has changed a few times. It was originally a rainbow music note with pink hearts and red hearts. Later, it was replaced by a rainbow flower. Harmony Bear is one of the rarest Care Bears.

Original Care Bears, ten in number, were released in 1982 and are considered a collector’s piece. Authentic 80s Care Bears start at $12, and limited editions can fetch over $1200. They are still very popular with kids and are a great investment for the collector’s market.

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