Care Bears Dvd

Care Bears & Cousins – Take Heart Volume 1

You’ve found the right place if you’re looking to find a DVD about your favorite characters. This animated series features the adorable Care Bears and their cousins. These adorable bears are reunited on this DVD, titled Care Bears & Cousins: Take Heart Volume 1. The Care Bears assist the Cousins to recover the ship stolen and retrieve the Care Hearts. This DVD runs for 132 minutes.

Before the series started, the Care Bears also appeared on two specials. The first, “The Land Without Feelings”, aired April 1983. It was a longer episode that a typical cartoon episode, and it was released on VHS shortly afterward. The series was later released on limited DVDs. The second episode, “The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine,” aired alongside the original DIC series.

The Care Bears DVD also introduces Grizzle, a dastardly villain who tries to conquer Care-a-lot. However, his attempts are more goofy than scary. Wingnut, a robot friend of Care Bears, also comes across Grizzle. Wingnut needs Share Bear’s necklace to repair it, and Grizzle ends up helping them to do so.

The Care Bears aren’t only adorable, but they also teach valuable lessons. Children can learn important life skills from the Care Bears, like respect for others. The series has been a hit with children for decades. The Cheer Bear package is especially popular with younger girls. The DVD also includes a computer game that children may play while watching the DVD.

The Care Bears are furry friends who live in Care-a-Lot, a magical land in the clouds. There, they join their Care Bear Cousins and help other children through the power of caring. They must stop Professor Coldheart’s evil plans.

Parents looking for an educational and fun gift for their children will love the Care Bears DVD. The full-color animated videos of the famous bears encourage children to get healthy and fit and embrace their individual qualities. The Care Bears will also call your child’s name throughout each video. This makes it an excellent gift for children who love the Care Bears.

Care Bears is an animated family film about a family that was first released in 1985. It is based on the popular Greeting Card of that time. The film became one of the top grossing animated movies outside of the Disney market that year. The film inspired a successful television series. The series aired for 22 episodes in syndication. Nelvana Ltd., a Canadian animation studio, took on the project and created the film under a two million dollar budget.

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