Car Accident Pueblo Co Yesterday

Two Teenagers Killed in a Car Accident in Pueblo, Colo., Yesterday

Earlier today, the Pueblo Police Department responded to the 2200 block of Highway 96 in response to reports of a motorcycle accident. Two vehicles were involved in the accident, including a motorcycle that struck two cars. Two teenagers were killed in the crash, and the crash remains under investigation.

After an accident, it is important to seek immediate medical attention for any injuries. This is especially important if your injuries are severe and you are still in shock. A medical professional can help you file a claim for injury and document your injuries. It’s also a good idea to call the Pueblo Police Department and let them know that you’ve been injured. A police officer will then arrive to gather the information they need.

Police are trying to determine the cause for a major accident that occurred in Pueblo yesterday. The accident involved several people, including the Jeep Wrangler’s driver and passenger. The accident happened on Highway 96 east of Pueblo, and the two drivers were not wearing seat belts. The victim, a woman aged 24 years, was declared dead at the scene.

Although the accident remains under investigation, it occurred yesterday afternoon. Makayla Ellen Gallegos (23), of Pueblo County was identified by the Coroner. In the moments leading up to the accident, a white Lexus was weaving through traffic. It then crossed the center dividing line and struck a second vehicle. Gallegos was in Gallegos’ backseat. Three other passengers suffered injuries, including one who was hospitalized.

The Lexus driver was also hurt. Minor injuries were sustained by the other driver. The police are still investigating the cause of the crash, but the possible involvement of drugs and alcohol may be a factor. Photojournalist David Hayden, who was passing by, was able to capture the crash from a distance.

After the fatal crash, Colorado Highway 96, also known by Highway 50, was closed for several hours. The Colorado State Patrol is investigating. The crash occurred on the highway near the Pueblo airport. The Colorado State Patrol says the crash is a result of the driver’s decision to turn into oncoming traffic.

A car and bus collided in the Pueblo area yesterday. The accident occurred on a highway by-pass and prompted the shut down of Highway 50 for several hours. In addition, a coal slide at a local power plant killed 36 people. The road closed between the two towns, Lime Road in Pueblo and Highway 141 near Naturita.

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