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A Car Accident Happened in Epsom, New Hampshire, on Sunday, March 11

On Sunday, March 11, a fatal car accident occurred in Epsom, New Hampshire. Two people were seriously injured and one person was killed in the accident. The road was closed for several hours due to the accident. The accident occurred near Epsom’s 980 Suncook Valley Highway. Fire crews and ambulances responded to the call and were able to render first aid.

The crash was the result of a collision between a motorcycle and a car, and both parties involved in the accident were taken to the hospital. A Concord fire and rescue unit responded to the scene. Witnesses said that the motorcycle was operating recklessly. Fire dispatch also sent a second ambulance.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, approximately 15,000 people are hurt in motor vehicle accidents each year. These accidents result in $143 million in lost wages and medical bills. New Hampshire car accident victims can seek compensation by filing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver. To file a claim, a plaintiff must prove that the other driver breached the law and caused the victim’s injuries.

New Hampshire law provides that injured drivers have the right to claim compensation for property and medical expenses. They may also be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering. These claims must be made within three years of the accident. It is therefore important to contact an attorney as soon possible. It can make it more difficult to collect evidence if you wait too long.

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