Candy Crush All Star

Candy Crush All Star

Candy Crush is one of the world’s most beloved mobile games, and its addictive nature has led to millions of players playing it daily.

Candy crush is a puzzle game in which players match colored pieces of candy to remove them from the board and earn points. With various moves, players can clear away all pieces of candy and complete levels – usually lasting anywhere from 30 seconds up to two minutes.

King has created the All Stars tournament series to make playing easy and encourage players to stay motivated. To help with this, King launched a series of easy-to-pick up and play tournaments called All Stars.

On September 23, the US version of the All Stars tournament begins, with qualifiers running until October 7. This tournament is open to anyone in America who has reached Level 25 in the game, and the victor will receive a year’s supply of Gold Bars!

Qualifying players will advance to the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Final and digital Final, where Khloe Kardashian will crown America’s first Candy Crush All Star.

This tournament is the culmination of a year-long campaign that reached over 62 million people on social media platforms. Through Doja Cat and Gronk, this initiative was meant to spread the idea that anyone can win, regardless of their skill level.

Teams of four play a series of challenges based on episodes from Candy Crush game and vie for an impressive $100,000 prize. Thinkingbox collaborated with King/Activision and lead agency No Problem to design, script, and execute the finale broadcast which streamed Crushers from across America into an extended reality (XR) virtual set.

There’s a lot to learn about the mechanics of this game, so it’s essential to know how to maximize your experience. For instance, you can reshuffle levels for easier navigation and purchase power-up candies to boost your score.

Candy Crush allows you to adjust the date and time on your phone in order to gain extra lives. While this may not be the quickest way to play, it can save time if you run out of lives in a given level.

Before beginning a level, be sure to check your phone’s time and date settings to see if you can receive an additional life or two. If so, wait for your device’s storage space to refill before accepting the gift.

If you don’t have enough lives, Gold Bars or coins can always be purchased to add more. However, it’s best to avoid purchasing too many of these items since they tend to be quite costly.

You can purchase extra moves using Jelly Fish or Striped Charms. This can be a huge advantage when playing time-based levels, as you’ll finish with extra moves but still have time to collect all the jelly fish or striped candies that may appear for more points.

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