Bonnie Crocker Bad Vegan

Bonnie Crocker and the Bad Vegan

Bad Vegan, an award-winning Netflix docuseries, follows Sarma Melngailis from her rise as Queen of Vegan Cuisine to being caught stealing millions from employees and investors, before fleeing her partner and husband Anthony Strangis who allegedly subjected her to psychological abuse. Now, former staff from Pure Food and Wine restaurant have opened up in this documentary to share their experiences of Sarma Melngailis — many are shocked at what they witnessed first-hand.

One of the show’s most intriguing elements is its refusal to portray Melngailis as a victim, instead focusing on how she was gifted and generous but failed to take time out to explore herself properly. While some may find this approach tedious or disappointing, director and co-writer Matt Smith has constructed an engaging narrative which keeps you on edge from start to finish.

But where is Sarma Melngailis now? According to the documentary, she went from being celebrated for her NYC raw vegan eatery to becoming an outlaw after marrying someone with criminal ties who convinced her to steal money from workers. According to reports in the documentary, they spent much of their free time together on the road in their rented van; one notable incident was when Sarma placed an order with Domino’s for non-vegan pizza that alerted police.

Sarma Melngailis ultimately plead guilty to tax fraud, larceny and conspiracy to defraud in 2017, serving four months on Rikers Island before her release from incarceration. Bonnie Crocker stood by her mother during this difficult period despite scandal and imprisonment; even speaking with the docuseries’ producer to share her experiences of her mother.

Crocker has since found her calling as a funeral coordinator, bereavement minister, and grief counselor in California. She credits watching the controversial docuseries with inspiring this new path in her career life; it helped bring closure on many things in her own life as well. Additionally, she’s actively been involved with PETA as well as published two cookbooks.

Crocker may no longer reside at the nursing home, but she shares many similarities with former staffers featured in the docuseries, such as their work with senior citizens and passion for animal rights.

No matter your opinion of Silverstone or Bad Vegan, no one can deny her large heart and compassionate personality. Since Bad Vegan concluded, we don’t know much about her personal life – although we can speculate she might be enjoying the freedom to continue working with senior communities.

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