Beth Harmon Mint Dress

The Queen’s Gambit – Beth Harmon’s Mint Dress Is Stunning

Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon in Netflix’s new series The Queen’s Gambit is absolutely breathtaking with her iconic 1960’s wardrobe inspired by iconic icons such as Edie Sedgwick and Audrey Hepburn. We can only look forward to the second season!

One of the first things that strikes you about this show are its stunning costumes designed by Gabriele Binder – they perfectly encapsulate its era! In fact, around 80% of Beth’s clothing was handmade – an example of how costume design can set the atmosphere for any performance.

At the start of episode one, Beth wears an elegant pale mint shift dress inspired by Pierre Cardin designs – an outfit which sets the scene and shows us she enjoys fashion.

This dress features an iconic square motif from chess to give a playful nod to her love of this game. The checkered fabric, bow tie and pockets reminiscent of its grid suggest its symmetry; Costume Designers Gabriele Binder, Gina Krauss, Katrin Hoffmann Nanrose Buchmann and Sparka Lee Hall ensure this theme is present with every look in this series.

As Beth begins to express herself more through fashion, we can see her style evolving over the course of episodes. An ideal example is this outfit featuring a striped V-neck shirt and navy mini skirt which show an alternative side of Beth.

Beth looks effortlessly feminine here with her red lips, hair, makeup, and white coat. This ensemble proves that confidence and femininity don’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts! This look epitomizes what can only be described as her most striking look throughout this season: confident yet feminine all at the same time.

Beth is known to love scarves, evidenced by her pink scarf with cat eye sunglasses and printed head scarf in the final episode. Scarves add some zest and vibrancy to any look and are especially helpful when feeling low or exhausted.

One of the show’s stand-out looks was Cleo’s water dress in Paris – made of wool crepe and featuring stunning ruching, this high fashion number stands out and draws the eye.

This stylish dress stands out in the series thanks to its beautiful print created by its designer. Its eye-catching print stands out among everything else seen throughout, while also serving as an example of how style can enhance character personality.

Beth triumphs in her final episode and becomes world champion chess player by dominating an international tournament. To do so, she utilizes all of her chess-themed clothing pieces such as this two-tone dress and checkered coat that clearly showcase her passion for the game.

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