Best Frats At Uga

Best Frats at UGA

The University of Georgia is often mischaracterized as an all-out party school where frat-hopping dominates life on campus. Although some students live this lifestyle, many others take great pride in their school and use their free time studying in the library or cheering on the Dawgs at football games – among many other activities, Greek life remains immensely popular and keeps everyone occupied!

No matter if it be sorority or fraternity life, University of Georgia is an amazing place! Home to 26 frats on campus and over 30% of students participating in greek life. When considering joining one, research your options carefully – housing options, national reputation and even house size could all play a role!

UGA Greek life features many houses where parties, socials, and events take place! Frat houses can be found throughout campus but most can be found along Milledge Ave. The houses tend to be nice with some even featuring pools! When choosing your sorority or frat membership it’s important to keep an open mind as the best one might not have the prettiest house!

Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Gamma are three of the most well-known sororities on campus and are considered top tier national sororities with excellent philanthropic work. If you want something a bit different for yourself though, Zeta Tau Alpha and Kappa Delta might offer something else: still top tier but without the same money and prestige of these larger organizations.

Note that many sororities offer very varying house sizes – some feature cozy bungalows with only a handful of sisters living inside, while others boast massive mansions capable of housing over 100! When selecting sororities to join, take into consideration their houses as well as amenities and philanthropic work they perform. When finding one that catches your interest, don’t be intimidated to go all in and join! When finding one that works well with you, don’t be scared to dive right in – starting life at UGA can be great fun – enjoy!

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