Bel Air Reversible Jacket

Will Smith’s Bel-Air Reversible Jacket

Will Smith’s 90s classic The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was one of television’s biggest successes ever, winning numerous awards while also setting several trendy 90s trends that have since reappeared in 21st Century culture. Will has decided to give fans the chance to relive some of that nostalgia with his very own line of Fresh Prince clothing and accessories, which fans can purchase now from Will. At Bel-Air Athletics, they take inspiration from fictional Bel-Air Academy which featured in the TV show. A highlight of this collection is undoubtedly Will’s iconic jacket which can be reversibly worn as seen on screen!

The Academy track jacket features an eye-catching paisley print inspired by Will’s school uniform blazer and costs $95. Its companion pants cost $80 while for maximum savings there’s also an all-four piece bundle plus gym bag that costs $200; take a look here for full collection details.

The Fresh Prince collection also includes heat-reactive tie-dye graphic tees and UV-reactive hoodies that change color in sunlight, UV-reactive basketballs and replica school gym bags branded with his face; prices for all these merchandise items range from $6 to $200 before postage costs. As with many celebrity merch lines, the proceeds from Will Smith’s merchandise sales will go directly to charity. They’ll go towards the Fresh Air Foundation – a foundation founded by Will to support youth sports communities and encourage healthy lifestyles – who have funded over 100 youth-centric health and wellness programs throughout the US; in partnership with several schools they also fund youth sports programs as well as help students gain admission into colleges.

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