Black And White Predators

Black and White Predators

Black-and-white predators are animals with distinct patterns on their skin that can disorient prey’s senses, thus making it harder for them to spot prey. They usually possess fearless attitudes and aggressive natures – examples being the hawk-eagle found throughout Central and South America that hunts reptiles, mammals, reptilians, insects and small organisms for sustenance; or the lark bunting found throughout Europe that feeds on seeds, insects and small organisms such as spiders.

These species can be found across many different habitats, from forests to savannas and even deserts, but all share similar traits: large eyes that enable them to see in darkness; strong feet and legs for maneuvering through dense vegetation; and an advanced respiratory system designed to allow breathing under various environmental conditions.

Black and white predators play an essential part of nature. Though some humans fear them, others revere and respect them. Some species like the polar bear have unique coloring that blends into its environment while others such as tigers have distinctive markings to help distinguish themselves among their surroundings.

Yvonne Tasker notes that Predator 2 depicts urban Blackness in an incongruent fashion, as its main character Harrigan represents both heroic blackness and the violence associated with African Americans. Harrigan acts both as a police officer and outsider who rebels against his superiors and fights off both gangsters and an alien creature – thus serving both roles effectively.

Films depicting cities as uncontrollable jungles, and law enforcement’s attempts at controlling it, such as Blade Runner (1982) or They Live (1988), is a staple of science fiction films, often suggesting that government is failing and neglecting its citizens who are being exploited by criminals or, in cases of inner city crime, aliens.

Harrigan represents an antidote to this violent system by accepting its violent nature; being black makes him an appropriate choice as an actor portraying violence typical of African Americans while acting as a change agent through his police work against Colombian gangsters.

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