Auto Paradise Car Wash

Auto Paradise Car Wash Looking For Investors

Auto Paradise Car Wash was established in San Angelo six-years ago. It is family-owned and operated. The Lewallens were newcomers to the city and wanted to start a small business that gave back to the community. They began by building their first location on Avenue N, which is located near the Fort Hood Military Base. In 2006, they added a second location on Southland Avenue, which includes a dog wash.

The company has a strong business plan and is looking for investors to help them get off to a great start. Auto Paradise’s first location will have a monthly average sales of $28,000, and the goal to open a second location within two years. After the first year, Auto Paradise will provide its investors with a 33% distribution every year for three years. The business is dedicated to providing exceptional car services to the San Angelo community and will strive for exceeding its customers’ expectations. Bobby and Vicki Lewallen have pledged $45,000 for startup capital and are looking for investors who will invest at least $150,000 to the company’s stock. This represents 20 percent of its stock. The company will be able to secure a $740,000.00 Small Business Administration loan.

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