Autec Car Wash

AUTEC Car Wash Systems

The AUTEC company manufactures several different types of car wash systems, including touch free, combination, and soft touch polisher systems. These systems can all be automated. These systems can be installed in less than an hour and are suitable for any facility. Whether you want a simple touch-free car wash or a complex combination car wash, AUTEC has a car wash system that will work perfectly for your business.

AUTEC’s patented chemical mixtures offer the best cleaning performance for your customers. These chemicals work in any car wash equipment, including those made by competitors. Whether you’re running a small, medium, or large-scale car wash, AUTEC has the right wash solutions to keep your customers happy.

The AUTEC team is made up of experts in many fields. Their background includes marketing, design, research, engineering, welding, surface preparation, and more. They’ll help you choose the right equipment for your car wash operation, from site selection to branding. They can also help you maintain the performance of your car wash to reduce operating costs.

AUTEC car wash systems are built with stainless steel construction for a long-lasting product. The equipment is equipped with treadle ramps, tire stops, and a galvanized track. You’ll love the trouble-free operation and quality wash you’ll get from AUTEC’s systems. The company’s car washing systems are ideal for automobile dealerships, gas stations and convenience stores, as well as fleets. To help you succeed, the company offers marketing support and operator training courses.

AUTEC sells car wash equipment and also distributes chemicals. The company serves customers throughout eastern North and South Carolina. It’s a 40-year-old carwash equipment distributor. It also offers site evaluation, permitting and construction services to help you build successful car wash sites. AUTEC Car Wash Systems offers three types of carwash systems.

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