Aperion Care Wilmington

Aperion Care Wilmington Review

Aperion Care Wilmington, a for-profit partnership-owned nursing home, serves 162 Medicare-certified residents. It is rated below average, with a Resident Safety score of 2 out of 5. The ratings are based on health inspections and staffing. The star rating is a measure of the quality of care.

Aperion Care Wilmington was renovated recently to improve its resident rooms. Further renovations are planned for the facility in the coming year. The nursing home has seen major improvements since its renovation in February 2014. In June 2014, it merged with another Wilmington rehab facility, Island City Rehab. The care center has been branded Aperion since then. This brand emphasizes attentive care and building strong relationships. It also promotes quality of life.

Aperion Care Wilmington offers many services, including nursing home care, hospice care, and skilled nursing and rehabilitation. The facility is very clean and provides a comfortable environment to residents. It also makes sure residents have everything they need. A studio apartment rents for $6,231 per month.

The Wilmington location is near Lakewood Shores, a neighborhood with a moderate density of residents. It is a predominantly middle-class neighborhood with a zip code 60481. It is close to several shopping centers and healthcare services. Nearby churches and drugstores are easily accessible by residents.

Aperion Care Wilmington is located on nine acres in the Kankakee River Valley. Its nursing home offers 24 hours of skilled nursing care and therapy seven days a week. The facility offers personalized care plans and a full schedule of activities for residents. The facility also provides transportation services.

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