Aperion Care Demotte

Aperion Care Demotte

Aperion Care Demotte can be found in Demotte, Indiana. The center has 93 beds and offers a variety services. The residents are offered assistance with activities of daily living, personal care, and health care. The facility participates in Medicare and Medicaid programs. The center is in a neighborhood that is predominantly middle class, with a median household income of $66,192. The center is near shops, houses of worship, as well as an American Reformed Church.

The community is within easy reach of local hospitals and medical facilities. Aperion Care Demotte can be reached by 16-miles from Franciscan Health Crown Point and Midwest Center for Youth and Families. It is also close to Walgreens, CVS, and Doc’s Drug. Aperion Care Demotte provides skilled nursing care as well as a variety therapy options, including joint replacement rehab and post-stroke rehabilitation.

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