Anthony Kate Bridgerton Fanfiction

Anthony Kate Bridgerton Fanfiction

There is an array of Anthony Kate Bridgerton fanfiction stories available, which are inspired by the popular book series and Netflix show that follows their lives during Regency-era London. These tales have proven immensely popular around the world and many enjoy reading them for enjoyment as well as providing greater understanding of characters seen both on television and books.

In this Anthony/Kate Bridgerton story, Kate finds herself harboring feelings for Anthony that she doesn’t wish to express. After trying her hardest to ignore them, her feelings become too strong; eventually she is forced to share them and tell Anthony how she feels; soon after they start dating and enjoy a successful relationship. This anthony/Kate Bridgerton fanfic is widely read.

Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, the heir to a vast Bridgerton fortune, has his sights set on Kate Sharma; however, she seems determined to make their relationship difficult for him. In this story we see what would happen if they met as children instead of as adults.

As children, Kate and Anthony spent much of their time under the big top, watching their parents perform with the circus troupe. Both loved trapeze and dreamed of becoming professional trapeze artists themselves; their close bond even extended to Kate saving up some pocket money so she could attend circus school in England.

Once Kate had completed her lessons, she met Anthony – an attractive boy she quickly befriended and later became best friends with. Later when Kate reached her late teens she learned of her father’s passing and what had been left behind; as such she began working as a dancer before eventually entering into circus academy classes.

At the ball, Edwina set Kate and Anthony up to dance. Kate was happy for her sister but wasn’t all too keen on Anthony as her partner – counting down until she could return home to India. However, during their dance he took Kate’s hand briefly before later speaking with him privately about what had transpired between them and discussing their feelings toward one another.

Since she had fallen for Anthony, she had been feeling guilty, yet knew her feelings for him were genuine. She had always hoped they’d end up together, so was afraid of giving up hope of their being together. At long last she finally broke down and told Anthony how much she loved him before telling him she loved him in return and they kissed deeply for an unforgettable kissing session which filled her with happiness.

After this, they went on their first date together and had an unforgettable time. Spending more time together led them to begin falling for each other – which eventually lead them to decide that living together was best for both of them; maintaining friendship while keeping pace with careers while spending quality time with families was made much simpler with such a partnership.

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