Anna Nicole Smith Lane Bryant

Anna Nicole Smith and Lane Bryant

Smith has not only served as a Playmate but has also modeled for Lane Bryant and Guess Jeans, appearing in Wasabi Tuna, Daddy’s Home, My Fair Lady as well as numerous television and film roles such as Wasabi Tuna. Furthermore, she represents TrimSpa weight loss supplements as their spokesperson while opposing seal hunting and animal testing, protesting seal hunts and hosting her own talk show show as guests or hosting.

Lane Bryant is a retailer of plus size apparel for women with its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. Their products can be found both online and at stores such as Catherine’s, Fashion Bug and certain supermarket chains; as well as selling its own brand of clothes they also provide private label items from other manufacturers and offer private label items from other manufacturers as well. Their fashion show annually at Studio 54 in New York City also draws large crowds to shop their collection! Figure magazine was published prior to becoming widely utilized today.

Lane Bryant first entered the market during the 1990s by offering limited designer fashion in their stores, which proved incredibly popular. They quickly expanded to become a national chain and added petite sizes that weren’t included in the main catalog – this expansion reached out to an underserved market of 37 million women within the U.S. population, thus raising Lane Bryant’s profile and helping increase brand recognition.

The company expanded its services in technology as well, becoming a pioneer in 3-D virtual modeling technology on its website. Partnered with My Virtual Model Inc., users could create virtual models of themselves to try on clothing virtually. It became a hugely successful endeavor that earned Oprah Winfrey Magazine featuring it even on its cover in January 2002!

Lane Bryant pioneered the use of high-profile celebrities as brand ambassadors. One of its most successful campaigns came in 1997, when Linda Evans helped promote their clothing line to great effect; sales rose significantly and so too did its stock value.

The Anna Nicole Smith show premiered in August 2002 to high ratings and considerable press attention for its focus on late model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith. It chronicled her life and relationships with Howard K. Stern, Daniel, Dannielynn and Howard Marshall’s estate; as well as personal and professional struggles such as legal battles over inheritance of Marshall’s estate and personal tragedies like J Howard Marshall’s death.

Smith passed away at 39 in February 2007 from an accidental prescription drug overdose, leaving behind three children and an enduring legacy for them both to carry forward. Dannielynn recently appeared at a fundraiser hosted by Lane Bryant Foundation which supports education of girls and young women in science, math and the arts.

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