2015 Hyundai Elantra Paint Recall

2015 Hyundai Elantra Paint Recall

Many Hyundai owners have reported experiencing significant body paint issues on their vehicle. Issues range from cracking and bubbling, through bubbling and peeling to instances where it delaminates completely from its host surface – often on Elantra, Santa Fe or Sonata models.

If you own one of these vehicles and have noticed its body paint starting to flake off, filing a class action lawsuit against Hyundai could be your option. Such suits allege that they concealed defects while failing to fulfill warranty obligations; deadlines must be met in order for your application to qualify.

Elantra owners have also reported issues with their trunks failing to open properly. Hyundai advertises the smart trunk feature as making loading large items into the trunk easier; however, some Elantra trunks will open only partially or not at all; leading them to pursue legal action against Hyundai for damages caused by this problem. This has lead to various lawsuits against them as a result.

Other owners have reported that their Elantra’s power steering is defective and will suddenly stop functioning, creating an imminent safety hazard similar to one which forced Hyundai to recall 173,000 Sonata mid-size cars in 2010.

People have also filed lawsuits against Hyundai over the engine found in their Elantras, as these engines have been noted to experience ticking noises, oil sludge build-up and premature failure. Hyundai denies these engines are defective but instead attributes these issues to poor maintenance practices or other causes.

Hyundai has received numerous complaints regarding sunroofs that leak or even explode while you are driving your vehicle, which poses serious safety concerns as this could potentially lead to accidents. Lawsuits allege that Hyundai failed to warn consumers about these risks associated with these sunroofs.

Hyundai vehicles have also been subject to multiple lawsuits. One such lawsuit claims that Hyundai’s Nu engine is an imminent danger, often making ticking noises or prematurely failing. These suits assert that Hyundai was aware of these engine issues but took no measures to safeguard consumers.

Lawsuits filed against Hyundai seek damages for vehicle repairs as well as emotional distress compensation. If you plan on filing one against them, there are specific deadlines you must abide by to be eligible for any settlement funds. For any inquiries or to discuss your case further, consult a legal professional immediately – an experienced attorney will help assess if there are grounds to file one and can explain all your options as well as potential costs of litigation against Hyundai.

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