1995 Ny Yankees Roster

The 1995 New York Yankees Team Roster

The 1995 New York Yankees team roster boasted an impressive blend of veteran and young players that would become leaders of the club two decades later. Together they led them through an unlikely playoff drought while setting the foundation for late ’90s dynasty success.

Derek Jeter served as leader for this team, taking over center field midway through his rookie season and going on to earn four World Series rings as shortstop with them. Other veteran players included pitchers Moises Arias and Jorge Posada as well as outfielders Wade Boggs and Paul O’Neill – among many more.

There were also some intriguing young players on the squad, such as pitchers Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera and outfielder Jason Giambi. Additionally, veteran catcher Randy Velarde proved invaluable as these youngsters got established with the club. Additionally, Dellin Betances and Chasen Shreve developed in their minor-league system before becoming major-league stars.

This 11x 14″ photo features all 46 members of the 1995 Yankees, signed in silver by them all! Of these signatures, 43 (of 46!) are Near Mint or better and perfectly centered on the photo – its only flaw being some minor corner fading.

These autographs were obtained through a private collector and come with the assurance of their authenticity, making this piece extremely rare and valuable for any Yankees fan!

In 1995, the Yankees managed to qualify for the playoffs despite finishing far behind Boston due to the Wild Card system. Had not veteran players such as Mattingly, Jeter, and Pettitte delivered strong seasons they may have been left behind, much like this year’s team.

This photo’s only real flaw was caused by the “Jack Ass” incident from Game Two of the 1995 AL Wild Card playoffs, when Jack McDowell responded to a cascade of boos at Yankee Stadium by giving them the middle finger and giving a showy middle finger salute – an act which completely derailed any positive image McDowell had established with fans and effectively destroyed him as a player for life. All other signatures on this photo are Near Mint condition.

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