Zen Matoshi Net Worth

Zen Matoshi Net Worth – Is Selena Gomez Dating Zen Matoshi?

Whether you’re a fan or a stalker, you might be interested in Zen Matoshi’s net worth. That’s because she’s a very popular singer, singer-songwriter, and actress. And because she’s reportedly dating Selena Gomez.


Earlier this month, Selena Gomez and her tech tycoon beau Zen Matoshi were spotted together at the Dua Lipa concert in New York City. The two of them were not the only celebs spotted on the green. They were joined by the usual suspects including Gomez’s doppelganger, singer/actor and fellow Gomez-Gamma, Daniella Pierson. The duo donned their matching duds and took in the show before a full house. The pair were also seen moseying around the city on a budget. On the flipside, Zen is also known to be a bon vivant, with a penchant for dining out at the finest establishments in town. He was spotted on more than one occasion during the singer’s visit to the Big Apple. Despite their proximity, the two had yet to cross the stage.

Zen is also an opportunist, having taken a sizable slice of the pie from Faraday Future, a nebulous tech startup that has been rumored to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


Despite being an avid sports fan, Zen Matoshi seems to have a quiet, private life. He prefers not to post photos of himself on social media, and keeps his personal life out of the media spotlight. Rather, he likes to focus on identifying innovative ideas.

Zen Matoshi was born in Los Angeles, California in 1993. His parents are both successful business owners. He attended a local school in California before pursuing an MBA at Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree and a 4.0 GPA. He then went on to work as a Senior Advisor at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. (HTTI). He is also a board member of various technology startups.

Zen Matoshi has worked as an advisor for various tech startups, and is currently working for Faraday Future, a startup that is focusing on innovative solutions for climate change. He serves as the global head of the company’s innovation department. He also works as an investor. As of November 2020, his net worth is estimated to be more than $15 million U.S. dollars.


Seeing Zen Matos, AKA the dashing tech tycoon, walking the hallowed halls of his high rise in Los Angeles is something of a treat. He has a plethora of social media posts to ponder, and a bevy of tech-savvy mates to boot. In short, he’s all about putting his spin on the digital age of transportation. He’s got a sexy lass in the works, and the latest thing is that she’s in town for a visit.

Zen Matos has a web presence that rivals some of the big boys. He’s got an Instagram account, an email address, and a Twitter presence to boot. Despite being a relative newcomer to the scene, the tech guru in the making knows exactly what he’s doing. And the best part? Despite his busy schedule, he makes time for a night out on the town. He’s also got an eye for a good ol’ fashion cocktail and the odd lady. In short, he’s got a winning game plan.

Relationship status with Selena Gomez

Despite having a long history of relationships, Selena Gomez is not in a relationship right now. However, it seems like she’s not afraid to keep options open. She’s been spotted with a few different gentlemen in the past few months. So, what are her dating options?

Selena Gomez has been spotted in Italy with Italian film producer Andrea Iervolino. She was also photographed in Positano, Italy, holding hands with Justin Timberlake.

She and Andrea also worked together on the movie Behaving Badly. They were spotted together on many occasions in the past year. They also celebrated Selena’s birthday together several times.

Lastly, Selena Gomez has been rumored to be dating NBA star Jimmy Butler. The two have been spotted together twice in the past month. However, Selena has not commented on the relationship.

It’s been reported that Selena Gomez is a fan of Captain America, Chris Evans. However, she has not publicly confirmed a relationship with the actor. She has admitted to having a crush on him in the past.

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