Zdeno Chara Net Worth

Zdeno Chara Net Worth

Zdeno Chara is a professional ice hockey player and captain of the Boston Bruins. He was born in Trencin, Czechoslovakia. The player has a height of 2.06 meters and weighs 250 pounds. A professional hockey player, he is the all-time leader in games played by a defenseman in the National Hockey League.

Zdeno aka Big Z started playing hockey in 1995 in Slovakia. He has won five NHL All-Star Game SuperSkills competitions, including the Hardest Shot competition. His slap shot was the hardest in the NHL history. Among his many accolades, he has been a recipient of the Mark Messier Leadership Award, the James Norris Memorial Trophy, and the NHL’s Most Valuable Player award. As a member of the Slovakian national team, he has participated in 10 international tournaments.

In the National Hockey League, he played for the Washington Capitals for fourteen years. Before joining the NHL, he played for the Lowell Lock Monsters, the Kentucky Thoroughblades, and the New York Islanders. During his tenure with the Islanders, Chara earned a contract worth $750,000 for a single season. It was later upgraded to a $2 million deal. Despite the huge contract, the Slovak player announced his plans to leave the NHL after the season.

After his time with the New York Islanders, Chara was traded to the Boston Bruins in 2006. During his tenure with the Bruins, the team was ranked fifth in the NHL. This ranked behind the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Eventually, the team won the Stanley Cup, beating the Vancouver Canucks in 2011.

Although, Chara has been active in the National Hockey League for more than two decades, his career has not been without its ups and downs. During the 2005-2006 season, he tallied a career-high of 17 goals and a career-high of 51 points. Nevertheless, he was named to the NHL’s First All-Star Team in 2003. Other notable awards and accomplishments include his appearance in the 2007 All-Star Game, being a captain of the Boston Bruins, and being named to the NHL’s All-Star Team in 2012.

Notable endorsements include Warrior, Hash Bro, and Specter Hockey. However, he has not revealed the total amount of money he has received as an endorser.

During his career, he was selected to play for the Slovak national team in 2004 and 2006. During this period, Chara was selected as a captain of the Slovak national team and won the bronze medal. Afterward, he took part in the Olympics and other international tournaments.

Throughout his career, he has also been recognized for his role as an athletic ambassador for the Right To Play foundation. In July 2008, Chara traveled to Mozambique to help the foundation. Moreover, he became the first NHL player to support You Can Play, a program that supports the inclusion of LGBTQ+ players in the National Hockey League.

When it comes to his personal life, Chara prefers to keep it low profile. But he has been married to Tatiana Biskupicova, and the couple has three children.

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