Yris Palmer Net Worth

Yris Palmer Net Worth

Yris Palmer is an entrepreneur

Yris Palmer is an entrepreneur and is a close friend of Kylie Jenner. She has an active Instagram account and often posts pictures of herself with the famous makeup artist. The beauty entrepreneur has plans to launch her own line of beauty products. Besides her business, she likes to travel, go on holidays, and party with her girlfriends. She also likes to wear luxury cosmetics and junk food.

She has been an entrepreneur for several years and is now a mother of a 3-year-old girl, Ayla. She aspires to be an inspiration to other single mothers. She is also committed to giving back to her Latin community. Having immigrant parents from El Salvador, Yris is passionate about community development programs in Latin America.

She is a social media star

Yris Palmer is a social network star who has been making waves in the world of fashion and beauty. She has over 78,000 subscribers on YouTube and shares vlog-style content on her page. She posts videos about beauty, travel, and cooking. She is also a mother of a three-year-old daughter, Ayla. She is also in a relationship with professional basketball player Troy Daniels. The two often post pictures on Instagram together.

Yris Palmer stands at a height of five feet two inches and weighs 121 pounds. She is of average build and has brown eyes. She has fair, smooth skin, and has a slim figure. She maintains her slim figure by eating a low-calorie diet and wearing body-fitting dresses.

She has a YouTube channel

Yris Palmer is a YouTube sensation who has a loyal following. The young woman has a background in acting, having grown up in a modest family and going on to school in Los Angeles. After graduating, Palmer moved to London to pursue her acting career. She did not tell her parents, who were immigrants, that she wanted to become an actress. When she moved to London, she had no job and wandered aimlessly, looking for a way to make money. It was during this time that she noticed that every girl in London was wearing lash extensions. Hence, she started applying lash extensions to girls and soon found that she had a large audience on YouTube.

Aside from being a YouTube sensation, Yris Palmer is a successful entrepreneur and social media personality. She is also the founder of the popular Star Lash false lash brand. She has a large following on social media, including Instagram and Twitter. In addition, she is close to Kylie Jenner, the eldest daughter of reality TV star Kris Jenner.

She is an actress

Yris Palmer is a popular social media personality and YouTuber who is best known for her company, Starlash. Palmer has a large following on social media and is best known for her work with numerous celebrities. Born on May 11, 1990, Palmer is of Salvadorian descent and grew up in Los Angeles.

In high school, Palmer attended Fairfax High School in Los Angeles and was a cheerleader for the school’s sports teams. After graduating from college, she decided to pursue an acting career in London. Although she didn’t have a full-time job, she was able to find a few roles on reality television shows.

She has a child with Staforde

Staforde and Yris Palmer have a child, Tai Palmer. Tai is a talented 13-year-old who works for a talent agency. The couple also have a son from her previous relationship. They are both attached to their children, and Staforde frequently posts pictures of them.

Staforde and Yris Palmer were married in November 2016. She had a child with her first marriage, but they separated in 2013, and in February this year, Yris announced a new relationship. Palmer has been talking about his new partner on social media, and has not yet confirmed whether he and Yris are divorcing.

She has a relationship with Troy Daniels

Troy Daniels and Yris Palmer have been dating since they were young. The two met through mutual friends. Stassie Karanikolaou introduced them. They met at a restaurant in Los Angeles. They had dinner together and Yris told Troy she had on a blue bodysuit. After the meal, Troy was covered in glitter from the Yris’ dress.

The pair married in 2013 and had a daughter together. However, due to their professional commitments, the couple separated. They also shared custody of their daughter.

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