Yara From 90 Day Fiance Before Plastic Surgery

90 Day Fiance Star Yara Zaya Reveals How Plastic Surgery Has Enhanced Her Self-Esteem

Yara Zaya first caught American audiences’ eye through appearing on season 8 of 90 Day Fiance reality TV show. At first, her snobbish behavior caused many viewers to dislike her; eventually however, this changed and she eventually became a household name in America.

Yara and Jovi Dufren are now happily married and raising their daughter Mylah together. Since having their child, Yara has lost weight through exercise and healthy eating practices and is leading an active life with her daughter Mylah.

She recently took to Instagram and shared several pictures showing off a slimmer, more defined figure – both after losing weight and after getting new breast implants! Additionally, Yara revealed the success of both of these projects – looking amazing as ever!

The 38-year-old actress underwent the procedure to build up her confidence and feel more at ease within herself, which has proven especially valuable when facing constant negative comments about her appearance, such as harsh remarks that make her uncomfortable.

Plastic surgery was certainly a life-altering decision for Yara, yet she doesn’t seem to regret making that choice. Her surgery hasn’t negatively impacted their relationship, and she’s excited to see where life leads next.

Before she met Jovi, Yara Zaya worked as a model and actress back home in Ukraine. Additionally, she was active on social media, posting updates about herself regularly online.

As well as traveling, she also worked as a translator, earning enough income to finance her trips while meeting people from diverse cultures.

She even appeared in a Ukrainian show called Fashion to the People, similar to TLC’s now-defunct What Not to Wear series; its aim was to help women look and feel better.

But after she married Jovi and moved to the United States, she realized her old lifestyle wasn’t helping her body; she quickly put on weight, only to shed it once she resumed exercising regularly again.

One of the primary factors contributing to her weight gain was indulging in unhealthy foods during her vacations. While she eventually shed some pounds, she is unsatisfied with her figure and wants to return to shape.

Reports indicate that Yara may undergo plastic surgery in the near future to boost her confidence and elevate her look to new levels. She explained this plan on Instagram Story.

Yara also received lip filler injections as part of her cosmetic procedures, in addition to having undergone chin lift and jawline contouring surgery.

Fans have noticed a slight transformation to her face and body since undergoing one or more procedures, with younger features on her face and shorter nose, yet maintaining all of the same features from before. She never admitted having these procedures done but they have had an effect nonetheless.

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