Xqc New Car

XQc Shows Off His New Car

XQc is a top earner on Twitch and recently moved to Los Angeles, where he bought a McLaren 720S Spider. This high-end sports car starts at $315,000, and xQc shared a photo of the new car with his Twitch followers. He titled the tweet, “Where it all started,” and he revealed that he’d just bought the car. After his time in the Overwatch League ended, xQc has been speaking out about his esports career.

In addition to being a YouTube sensation, xQc is also a popular Twitch streamer, with close to 10 million followers. While many fans have applauded him for his new car, some players mocked the fact that he didn’t bother learning how to drive before purchasing it.

As promised to his fans, xQc has bought a light blue McLaren. In a video on Twitch, he revved the engine and wore red socks. He has yet to acquire a license for the new car, but he’s already been showing off his driving skills.

Despite the fact that xQc doesn’t have a license, he’s not shy about spending millions on supercars. On November 23, he revealed that he’d spent $300,000 on a McLaren 720S Spider. While some viewers weren’t convinced, xQc has since proved that he bought the McLaren despite his lack of driving experience. During a live stream, he even took his broadcast mobile to his garage to show off the new car.

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