Xcraft Net Worth 2021

XCraft Net Worth 2021

Xcraft is a company that is growing very quickly. It has an excellent reputation and a great product. It has a great chance of achieving a high net worth in the future.


XCraft is a drone manufacturer that specializes in high-tech Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The company produces drones for commercial and military use, and aims to innovate the drone industry. It’s also been featured on Shark Tank.

JD Claridge and Charles Manning founded XCraft in 2014 after they saw the rise of drones. They were interested in aviation and business, and wanted to make people more productive by using drones. They started their company with $50,000 in their own money. They then sought investors and launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds.

XCraft’s first product, the X PlusOne drone, proved to be a hit in the market. The X PlusOne combines the hovering capabilities of a helicopter with the speed of a plane. The drone is equipped with a high-definition camera.

Deals made with sharks

XCraft is a drone manufacturer that was featured on Shark Tank in season 5. The company’s first product, the X PlusOne drone, proved to be a huge hit in the market. They started a Kickstarter campaign that generated a 300% increase in their initial funding. The company hopes to scale their business and push new, innovative products.

The xCraft team initially wanted to receive a $500 000 investment for a 20% stake. Their initial offer was rejected by the sharks. They later countered with a $1.5 million offer for a 25% stake.

Despite the rejection, XCraft continued to operate after the show. It started manufacturing drones for military units and enterprises. They are also looking to expand into consumer applications. They want to use their knowledge of drones to create innovative new products.

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