Wildthunder Wars Bra Clasps

Wildthunder Wars Bra Clasps Help Save the Lives of Turtles

The best way to save the lives of injured turtles is to fix their shells. Turtles have been known to sustain injuries from vehicles, boat accidents, and even lawn mowers. A bra clasp is a common solution to these types of injuries. However, this is not the only solution.

To their credit, the Wildthunder wars team has come up with a number of creative ways to reuse old clothing to help animals. For example, they have been known to weave zip ties through eye closures in order to close cracked shells. They have also been known to make use of non-clumping clay cat litter and flat sheets.

One of the most interesting and useful solutions to the problem of saving the life of an injured turtle has to be the zip tie. This particular technique is used by wildlife rehabilitation facilities in order to fix the damaged shells of these reptiles. Once the shells have been repaired, they are then released back into the wild. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s still a challenge to track down these animals in the wild.

In a quest to find a solution to their turtle problem, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue trawled through the internet for a solution. In their search for the best, they came across a number of animal organizations. Among them, they found an Iowa-based reptile rescue group. The organization is known as Wildthunder and they have been in business for 25 years. Their staff is comprised of reptile lovers who are passionate about rescuing and rehabilitating these creatures.

In a recent Facebook post, the organization piqued the interest of its friends and fans. When they read about the aforementioned clasp, they put it to the test and have come up with a plan of their own. After receiving a number of requests for advice, the staff of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue decided to do their research. They found that there was a surprisingly small pool of organizations using the same bra clasps, but had to go beyond the normal scope of a single sanctuary. It turns out that there are actually many reptile rescues operating in this country and they need your help. Not only are they in need of donations, but they need vet care and food.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to help injured turtles, consider donating your unused bra clasps to Wildthunder. You can do your part by sharing the link below on your social networks. Regardless of whether you are able to personally donate or not, the Wildthunder family is grateful for your generosity. With the number of reptiles they are caring for increasing by the minute, they need every bit of help they can get.

Although the Wildthunder team has been successful in their mission to help animals, they are still in need of supplies and funding. If you would like to make a contribution or learn more about their mission, visit the sanctuary’s Facebook page.

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