Who Was Eliminated Tonight On Survivor

Who Was Eliminated Tonight on Survivor 43?

Survivor wouldn’t be the game it is without some thrilling twists and turns. From hidden immunity idols to shocking revelations, there’s always a moment in the season where one castaway can take advantage of another.

This week on Survivor 43, tensions reached their highest point due to some surprising collusion during the Immunity Challenge and Reward Challenge that stirred emotions. But there were also a few twists and turns, including one particularly devastating blindside at the Reward Challenge.

Sami Failed at Tribal Council

Sami made the mistake of voting out Karla. However, he attempted to convince Karla that Cassidy had cast her vote instead – but Karla wasn’t convinced as Sami often switched between alliances, leaving her uncertain whether she could trust him again.

Noelle’s Remarkable Balance Beam Comeback

On Thursday night Noelle faced her biggest challenge yet: the balance beam with a prosthetic leg. Although she struggled in the initial round, Noelle managed to comeback and win with her second hand toss! Jeff Probst was full of praise for Noelle’s performance – and it’s easy to understand why!

Noelle’s comeback wasn’t enough to save her from elimination tonight. She became the second person eliminated from Survivor season 43, making it all but certain that she will be sent home as the final contestant.

Maryanne Oketch may have been the first one voted out of the competition, but she’s far from alone in experiencing difficulties over the past few weeks. Coming into the game with a long list of priorities that included winning for oddos, Maryanne has been rejected by every guy she likes in the game – and it’s taking its toll on her.

Owen Needs Immunity the Most

On the latest episode of Survivor, Owen faces a difficult decision. He must gain his tribe’s vote but also prepare for an immunity challenge coming up in the next episode.

He must act quickly or risk being sent home, so it’s essential that he gains back his vote. But be wary: Gabler is back and determined to steal it away from him.

Noelle’s Immunity Advantage

Through her struggle in the challenge, Noelle earned an immunity advantage that she used to win the reward challenge and steal Owen’s vote at Tribal Council, enabling her and James to send Gabler home early.

Nneka Needs Strength in Challenges

In the most recent immunity challenge, Nneka was targeted for her struggles. Paired with Jesse and Dwight, she still found it challenging to compete. Her tribe members worried about her not putting up enough resistance; yet they also didn’t want to vote out someone who was having such a hard time in the challenge.

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