What Kind Of Car Does Beth Dutton Drive

What Kind of Car Does Beth Dutton Drive?

Beth Dutton has become an incredibly well-liked character on television. She has a fiery personality and has the ability to inspire her audience with her actions. She demonstrates this by smashing glass countertops and berating Veronica for judging Monica by her skin tone. She even leaves a message for the locals that will remind them not to cross the Dutton family.

Beth Dutton is the daughter of ranching tycoon John Dutton. As such, she is often controversial on the show. In the third season episode “Freight Train and Monsters,” Beth gives a tongue lashing to Roarke Morris, one of the characters in Yellowstone. In this episode, Beth is driving a Mercedes when she spots Roarke in the river and stops her sports car to confront him.

Beth Dutton owns a Mercedes-AMG S63 coupe. You wouldn’t expect her to drive a Mercedes-AMG coupe in a ranch town, but it’s certainly a stylish vehicle that reflects her high-class taste. The model might be out of place on a ranch in Montana, but it certainly makes a statement.

Beth Dutton’s car may not be the most luxurious, but it’s certainly comfortable enough for her. A Mercedes S-Class was used heavily in seasons one and two, and the car’s license plate was the same for all three seasons. It was also heavily used in season three.

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