What Is Charlie Demilio’s Favorite Color

Charli D’Ameli

Charli D’Ameli is an American dancer, lip syncer, TV personality and social media star. She was born in 2004. She is the daughter of Marc and Heidi Damelio. Her parents met in the 1997 at a New York City gym. Later, she moved to Norwalk, Connecticut.

Charli D’Ameli started her career on TikTok, which is an online video site. This caused her to be well-known in the world. She is also known for her choreography. She has won several awards for her lip-sync videos.

Charli D’Ameli has a huge fan base on social media. In addition to TikTok, she is also famous on YouTube and Twitter. According to the Guinness World Records, she has the most followers on social media, with over 10 million subscribers.

After she was 15 years old, Charli D’Ameli became well-known on TikTok. It was this online video site that made her a multi-hyphenate internet sensation. As of March 2020, she was the most followed creator on TikTok. Throughout her career, Charli has earned huge amounts of money from her video clips. For example, she was paid $17.5 million in 2021.

Charli D’Ameli also appeared in six TV shows. Some of her TV appearances include Here for It with Avani Gregg and The Disney Family Sing-Along. Currently, she is a cast member on Dancing With the Stars. Before becoming a popular dancer, she was trained as a competitive dancer for more than a decade. While she is now a world-famous lip syncer, she still goes to dance classes.

Charli D’Ameli is known for her choreography, which is her most popular aspect. She started posting dance videos on TikTok when she was fifteen, and her popularity only grew. Since then, her videos have garnered over 11 billion likes. However, she is not yet the top lip syncer. In July 2022, she was surpassed by Khaby Lame.

She is currently dating Chase Hudson. The two confirmed their relationship in February 2020. Despite their dating relationship, they were separated in April 2020. On the other hand, Chase is not the only person who has a TikTok account for Charli. Moreover, her father also has a TikTok account.

Charli D’Ameli currently earns a lot of money through her social media channels. She is the highest-paid TikToker of the year. Besides her TikTok videos, she also earns money from her YouTube and Hype House videos. Hence, she has a net worth of $4 million as of 2023.

Charli D’Ameli, who was born on May 1, 2004, is a teenager. She is 5 ft. and weighs 113 lb. Her favorite color is purple. Additionally, she has finger tattoos on her left and right ring fingers. She wears Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 112/69 Orange Flash Mirror. She is on Twitter and Tumblr. Besides her social media channels, she also has a podcast, which she co-hosts with her sister Dixie. Moreover, she is a part of Hollister’s new branding. Charli and Dixie have released oversized tee-shirts in collaboration with Hollister.

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