What Is A Prince Andrew Piercing

What is a Prince Andrew Piercing?

People often associate getting genital piercings with stereotypical images of young punks deeply involved with death metal and BDSM subcultures or hard-living artists from fringe subcultures; however, a recent study has demonstrated that reality is far more diverse.

Men of all ages and backgrounds often opt for genital piercings. While the concept may seem strange at first, according to study participants it actually provides real benefits.

Studies conducted on oral and penetrative sex have demonstrated its increased pleasure. Furthermore, piercings such as prince andrew piercings in the glans or shaft — such as prince andrew piercings — can stimulate additional nerves that give greater sensation during sexual activity. Genital piercing may not be suitable for everyone; therefore it is essential that men carefully consider all risks and limitations associated with male genital piercings before making this decision. It may become infected or spread STIs or HIV. Genital piercing should only be performed by an experienced piercer, and it should only be undertaken if mild pain, bleeding and swelling occur afterward. After every piercing it is important to clean thoroughly with antibacterial soap before rinsing twice daily with either distilled water or saline solution for best results.

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