What Did Hunter Say About Joe Biden

What Did Hunter Say About Joe Biden?

What did Hunter think about Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is renowned for his close friendship with his two young sons, Hunter and Beau. The boys would often sit on his lap during meetings or hang out at the Senate gym when they were bored. Those close to the family tell me he was an incredible dad who never lost sight of his children’s interests and always made sure they had what they needed.

They shared with me that their father believed in them when they were struggling with drug addictions and did everything he could to help them get sober. He is himself a recovering alcoholic who has gone in and out of treatment several times.

But he also has a dark side, and it appears that he may have used drugs in the past. Indeed, in 2014 his Navy discharge was for cocaine use. When younger, he struggled with getting along with family and friends as well as academic difficulties and work issues.

Recently, however, Biden’s Republican colleagues have attacked his family’s foreign business dealings. They allege he had personal involvement in his son’s affairs which are being investigated by the House Oversight Committee under Republican leadership.

On Thursday, House investigators have compiled evidence that the Bidens may have engaged in tax evasion, defrauding the government and violating several laws, according to Comer. He further mentioned that their business dealings with Ukraine-based energy company Burisma Holdings could have brought them financial gain; Vadym Pozharskyi was at the center of a scandal where Trump administration officials asked for a favor during a phone call with then-Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyi.

According to congressional investigators, the Bidens have a history of using their connections to secure jobs at companies that benefit from U.S. government favors, such as CEFC China Energy–a Chinese state-owned energy firm founded by an uncle of Biden’s. In 2006, this firm paid the former aide more than twenty-one million dollars in order to purchase a hedge fund which claimed to manage $1.5 billion worth of assets.

Schweizer’s op-ed noted that such relationships are legal under the U.S.’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and should not prevent American politicians from doing business with their relatives. But she advocated for greater scrutiny when reviewing such deals, adding that this law shouldn’t prevent individuals from doing business with family members of elected officials in America.

In 2013, during his campaign for vice presidency, he invited one of his sons to accompany him on a trip to Beijing. At their hotel lobby, they helped arrange for Li Yuejian – director of CEFC – to shake hands with them, an interviewer for NBC News reported.

Although it could have been illegal, the deal appears not to have had any lasting effect on America’s relations with China or its policy regarding Xi Jinping, the former Chinese leader who was visiting America at the time.

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