Weather For Caro Mi

Weather For Caro Michigan

The weather in Caro Michigan is seasonal. August is the warmest month with an average water temperature at 71 degrees F. The coolest month is February, with an average water temperature of 33degF. Throughout the year, the temperatures vary based on the amount of precipitation.

The winter months in Caro are the coldest. The average high temperature is below 40 degrees F from October through March. Winters are usually cloudy and dreary. In January, temperatures average 17 degrees and the highest temperature is 30 degrees. Below is the daily average temperature for Caro in different months of the year.

The topography of Caro is moderately varied. The area is mostly covered by cropland and water. The average elevation is 719 feet. Approximately 50 percent of the region is cropland. The rest is made up of trees, artificial surfaces, and other land uses. It is important to note that 19% of the area is covered with water.

Caro’s temperatures are generally warmer in the morning than in the evening. However, during the winter, temperatures may drop into the 50s. Caro will observe daylight savings time in 2022. The time change will take place on March 13 and will last for 7.8 months.

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