Wayne Boich Net Worth

How Much is Wayne Boich Net Worth?

The Boich Group of Companies is a family-owned business and Wayne Michael Boich is the CEO of the company. He is also known by several other names, including Wayne Tod Boich and Wayne Michael Boich. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 billion. Since 2017, he has contributed nearly $792,000 to Republican candidates.

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Wayne Boich’s net worth is currently estimated at $709 million. He is the CEO of Boich Industries. His company is a coal mining company with several offices in the United States and Germany. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $709 million at the end of June 2019. He has also owned several properties in Miami Beach, including a penthouse at the Icon South Beach hotel.

Boich has been a celebrity poker player for a few years. His ICON South Beach penthouse is now under contract for $21 million. Boich has also donated to several charities and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Miami Heat. His investments have included a stake in the Signal Peak Coal Mine, which was acquired in 2008 by the Boich Group of Companies and FirstEnergy, an Ohio utility company. The company is a major donor in political circles, including Speaker of the House John Boehner, who is known for his commitment to clean coal.

His wife

If you’ve ever wondered how much the wife of Wayne Boich net worth is, this may be your lucky day. Boich is a famous businessman who lives in Miami Beach, Florida. He is also the chairman of the Boich group of companies and began his career as a company owner in 1999. In 2005, he was promoted to CEO. The couple has two children.

Boich’s net worth is estimated to be $2.6 billion, and it’s estimated that he and his wife have a combined net worth of $2 million. While he’s rich, he’s also very charitable. He’s given money to charities and helped penniless individuals.

His business

In recent news, Wayne Boich’s business has been the focus of much scrutiny. According to a criminal complaint filed in federal court, the business he founded and led has engaged in a pattern of fraudulent and racketeering activity. Boich and his business partner, David Boich, are facing a number of criminal charges.

Boich is the CEO of Boich Companies, a conglomerate that invests in real estate, emerging energy, and culinary services. Wayne Boich has a long history in Ohio politics and is among the biggest Republican political donors in the state. He and his wife Cynthia have given nearly $1 million in the last four years. The couple also backed Householder in the 2016 election and are major backers of his campaign. Between January and May 2018, Boich and his wife contributed $169,700 to 11 of the 13 “Team Householder” candidates. These included Jamie Callender and Shani Wilkin.

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