Watercress Car Wash

Watercress Car Wash in Huntsville, AL

Watercress Car Wash in Huntsville, AL is a premium exterior car washing service that uses advanced rinse technology and soap formulas to give your car the best wash possible.

This business is located at 7020 US Hwy 72 in Huntsville, Alabama. The carwash covers 4,550 square feet and is located on a busy street. It sees an average of 45,000 vehicles each day. Customers gave Watercress Car Wash a high rating of 4.5 stars on average.

The wash is located at a convenient location on Hwy 72W, in front of the Kroger shopping center. The car wash has professional attendants and automated entry. The wash also offers a monthly unlimited wash program. The wash includes a complimentary glass cleaner and towels. Additional accessories are available for purchase by customers.

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