Wall Rx Net Worth 2021

Wall Doctor RX Net Worth 2021

Wall Doctor RX is a brand that offers a simple system that repairs a wall hole. This solution is a water-based acrylic resin that is applied with a brush to the wall and then covered with a disc that provides protection against future damage. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor walls. The process typically is messy and requires some careful cleanup.

Wall Doctor RX was created by Dr. Jim Lewis, who is a resident of Chester County, Pennsylvania. After developing the product, he launched it into the market. His goal was to repair wall holes quickly and easily. He had already sold over 90,000 units of the product in its first year of availability.

During its debut, Wall Doctor RX appeared on QVC and Shark Tank. During this time, the company was valued at $1.5 million. During the show, four Sharks offered positions to Dr. Lewis, including Lori Greiner. Eventually, the company was acquired by Spark Innovations, LLC.

Since its launch, Wall Doctor has become available in a number of stores. These include home improvement stores, pharmacies, and hardware stores. In fact, there are nearly 2,100 establishments in the United States where Wall Doctor is sold. Currently, the product is sold for $6.99 to $9.99.

Among the other Wall Doctor products are patches that can be applied to fix cracks or leaks. They are also sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s. One of the patches is used to fill a hole up to four inches in diameter. According to the manufacturer, it can last for up to 10 years. Whether a hole is big or small, Wall Doctor is able to repair it.

As of this writing, the company’s estimated net worth is over $5 million. It is expected to earn at least $5 million in annual revenue in 2021. Although, this figure has not been confirmed by the company, it is believed that the company is slated to sell at least 500,000 units this year.

On his Instagram account, Dr. Jim Lewis has been referring to himself as drmusamthombeni. He has also been referred to as a forensic pathologist. Additionally, he has worked as a DNA specialist for NBC during the O. J. Simpson murder trial. Aside from that, he is also a writer and the author of a book called Mountain Men.

When he was a medical doctor, he earned around $8,000. However, since becoming a Wall Doctor RX, he has increased his earnings to around $2-$5 million.

Although, he was unable to get a deal from Lori Greiner, he still made a deal with Robert Herjavec. At the time of the deal, he asked for a $150,000 investment in exchange for 10% of the company.

If you want to learn more about Wall Doctor RX, you can visit its website. You can also find a list of all its locations on the website. Lastly, you can buy the product online.

In the meantime, he is expected to receive another contract offer from the CEO of a major financial institution. In addition to that, he plans to make a movie about mass incarceration in the United States.

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