Vvash Auto Care

What to Expect From a Vvash Auto Care Detailing Kit

Vvash Auto Care is a manufacturer of premium detailing supplies. It offers combination and complete detailing kits. The company is based in the United States but has customers all over the world. The company’s detailing products have won over many satisfied customers. Here are some of the products you can expect to find in a Vvash detailing kit.

Vvash Auto Care’s Leather Conditioner is a special formula that is ph-balanced and gives the vehicle a refreshed look and subtle new leather scent. The formula also contains polymers that protect the leather from UV rays. As a bonus, it’s safe to use with previous waxes and sealants.

Premium Shampoo from Vvash Auto Care is a powerful, versatile product that removes unwanted debris, dirt, and grime. It also leaves a superb shine. The super thick formula contains a refreshing blue raspberry fragrance. It also helps protect the sealant or wax on the car and ensures a long-lasting shine.

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