Vero Beach Theater

The Vero Beach Theater Guild

The Vero Beach Theater Guild has been providing live theater to the Treasure Coast since 1958. Each year the theater presents five main stage productions, plus one summer production. You can take in a play or musical at a reasonable cost at this historic building. In addition, it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Performing arts in Vero Beach

The Theater in Vero Beach, Florida, has been providing affordable live theater for local residents for nearly five decades. Originally called Little Theater, the organization was granted a charter by the Vero Beach Business and Professional Women’s Club in 1985. Since then, it has produced five main stage productions and a summer production.

The theater also offers a number of educational programs. Its partnerships with other community groups have allowed it to expand its offerings, impact, and reach. For instance, it offers fully staged opera. And its programming often includes educational programs for young students. The theater also broadcasts The Met Opera Live in HD on Majestic 11.

The Theater in Vero Beach is a cultural icon in Vero Beach. The building is home to the Vero Beach Choral Society, which has been a mainstay of choral music for 35 years. Members of the chorus have performed in venues including Vienna, Coventry, and Estonia. They have also been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall twice.

The theater was built in 1924 and is located at 2036 14th Avenue. It was designed in a Mediterranean Revival style by F.H. Trimble and opened on October 14, 1924. It is one of the last remaining 1920s commercial buildings in Vero Beach. It was a focal point of a bitter struggle between St. Lucie County residents and the St. Lucie County government. The theater is currently home to several live performances, educational programs, and camps.

The Riverside Theater also hosts lectures on various topics. Its distinguished lecturers have included Theresa May and Brigadier General Robert Spalding. In addition to a theater, the Riverside is also home to the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, which was the first wildlife sanctuary in the United States.

Vero Beach is a small town in Florida, but it’s close to Miami and Daytona Beach. It’s about an hour and a half from the Orlando International Airport. If you’re looking for a fun day trip, this city is the perfect destination.

National Register of Historic Places

Established in 1845, the Vero Beach Theater is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the highest level of designation in the country. This landmark was built with the help of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the City of Vero Beach. During World War II, the town hosted about 27,000 war effort personnel. After the war, the community building was repurposed as a community center for all ages. However, by the 1980s, it was in deteriorating condition and the Indian River County Historical Society took action to save it.

The Vero Beach Theater, also known as the Florida Theatre, is a historic theater that was constructed in the Mediterranean Revival style. It closed in 1985 due to competition from multiplex cinemas. The theater was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on April 28, 1992. Despite the theater’s state of preservation, it is currently vacant. The building is owned by Robert L. Brackett, who is also on the board of the Center for Performing Arts at Theatre Plaza. In 2004, the theater underwent a renovation project that was stopped due to the hurricane season.

In addition to the theater, there are three buildings that were part of the theater’s original construction. The first building was the Redstone Building, which was later replaced by a furniture store. It had skylights, which were covered during the construction of the theater. However, the skylights were uncovered during the restoration process.

The original town of Vero Beach was settled in 1913 and consisted of seven blocks that were west of the railroad tracks. This area was later incorporated into a town called Indian River. In 1923, this town was surrounded by several buildings and an area known as the “Blue Lantern” was developed. This property eventually became the town’s first county hall. The building later became Regent Court Apartments, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

The city also has a courthouse that was built in 1937. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its significant significance in architecture, politics, and social history. It was constructed under the Public Works Administration (PWA), a New Deal Program that symbolized the growing power of government during the 1930s depression.

Recent productions

The Vero Beach Theatre Guild is the area’s premier community theater, and it has been putting on top-notch productions for over 65 years. The company has two theaters, a large mainstage and intimate studio, and has consistently featured top local actors, directors, and musicians. Over the years, the Theatre Guild has staged more than 348 mainstage productions and numerous adult and children’s workshops.

The Vero Beach Theatre Guild made major renovations last year, which included upgrades to the theater’s interior. The work involved ripping out the seats, installing new flooring, and making other improvements. The theater reopened its season on May 10, and audiences were clearly excited to see the productions once again. The show is a unique theatrical experience, not your typical jukebox musical or narrative.

Ballet Vero Beach brings Franco-American ballet to Vero Beach, blending American and French influences. In January, Matthew Lovegood’s romantic French Songs returns, while in February, French choreographer Yves de Bouteiller creates the West Side Story Suite. In March, Symphonic Dances brings big music and dancing to the stage. And in April, Studio to Stage brings Danish style to the Vero Beach theater.

Riverside Theatre is the city’s largest professional theater and hosts touring musicals and kids productions. It also hosts lectures by distinguished guest artists. The Riverside also hosts a free outdoor concert series called Live in the Loop. The outdoor concert area includes a full-service kitchen and an outdoor seating area. In addition, the theater is home to the Riverside Children’s Theatre, a group that specializes in theatre education for children.


The Vero Beach Theatre Guild has received a $13,000 grant from the Indian River Community Foundation to transform an old green room into a new studio theater. The board is excited about the new facility and hopes to turn it into a revenue stream. But they need sponsors to help make this happen.

The historic Vero Beach Theater was built in 1924 and designed in the Mediterranean Revival style. The theater was the first motion picture theater in the city. It was also the scene of the 1924 Boston Tea Party. The theater was closed on Sundays. Afterward, theatergoers hatched a plan to create Indian River County, which now includes Vero Beach.

The theater’s technical director and scenic designer, Jeff Hall, designed the renovations. He added a rehearsal studio in an annex, built dressing rooms, and installed a covered “Actors’ Alley.” In order to accommodate more people, he removed almost half of the seating from the main stage. He also suggested using the extra seats to create a second stage.

The theater is one of the most important landmarks in Vero Beach. It is a cultural landmark that is home to a variety of events and attractions. Its renovations will help make it an even better place to see art. Besides hosting free events, it will also host new shows and films.

Jill Shevlin, who oversaw the renovations, knew that the homeowners wanted the theater to look more like their dream home. Shevlin’s work reflected the vision the client had envisioned more than a decade ago. The theater is now a warm, inviting space that everyone will enjoy.

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