Vaughn Gittin Jr Net Worth

Vaughn Gittin, Jr Net Worth

Vaughan Gittin, Jr is a professional car racer and drifter who competes in the Formula Drift competition. He has won the championship of the event twice. However, he is now focusing his attention on other things. Currently, he is working with Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Racing Mustang RTR.

Vaughn Gittin is born on September 20, 1980, in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition to being a successful racing driver, he has also created his own line of automobiles called MUSTANG RTR. It is his vision of how a car should be built.

Before he became a racing pro, he was a keen driver who was interested in driving cars. At sixteen years of age, his father bought him a 64 Cutlass with hydraulics. The vehicle was used to practice his drifting skills.

When he was twenty-one, he turned professional and started his career. His first victory came in 2005, when he won the D1 Grand Prix event against Japan. This was followed by another victory in 2007.

After becoming a professional, he became a famous figure in the world of drifting. He was featured in the film Drift: Sideways Craze (2007). Also, he has appeared in Need for Speed: The Run. As a result of his success, he has earned a lot of money. One of his biggest paychecks came from the Formula Drift series, where he made a fortune of about $1 million.

He has a lot of fans from all over the world. He has over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel and Facebook page. Moreover, he has a large number of followers on Instagram. There are also reports that he has a girlfriend and a son. Nevertheless, he keeps his personal life private and prefers not to reveal anything.

Vaughn Gittin has a huge net worth, but it is unknown whether he is single or dating. If he is, it may be that he is already married. Another possible explanation is that he is dating someone else secretly. That is because a lot of celebrities are known to date other people in the public eye.

His current income comes largely from his racing career. He is one of the richest Race car drivers in the world. Despite his great earnings, Vaughn Gittin has reportedly made a few mistakes in his professional career. For instance, he cheated in the 2011 Formula Drift competition. Fortunately, he is expected to make a comeback in the EV and possibly in the Formula Drift competitions in the future.

During his racing career, he has won a lot of prestigious titles, including the FIA World Championship. He is also the only American to win two D1 Grand Prix events. Additionally, he is a close friend of Ken Block. Since his debut in 2004, he has been a top player in the professional scene. With an estimated salary of about $1.5 to $5 million, he is a well-known figure in the world of motorsports.

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