Urgent Care Grovetown Ga

MedNow Urgent Care Grovetown GA

Urgent Care Grovetown GA can help you, whether you need an appointment or need to see a doctor immediately. It’s located right in Grovetown, so finding a convenient location is easy. Many clinics offer same-day services, so you can get medical attention as soon as possible.

In addition to its convenient location, Grovetown is home to a strong healthcare system, which is one of the reasons its residents are so satisfied with their local doctors and hospitals. Augusta University Health, formerly the Medical College of Georgia has an outstanding medical program. It is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious Georgia health science universities. The community also has numerous nursing homes, assisted living facilities and sports medicine clinics. There are also trauma centers, physical therapy services, and emergency care clinics. Furthermore, additional medical services such as the Alzheimer’s Association provide additional health care to the community.

The MedNow Urgent Care Grovetown facility is part of the MedNow Urgent Care network and is open seven days a week. The clinic accepts all major insurance plans and specializes in treating injuries and illnesses of all types. The clinic offers affordable and convenient care for patients who have a wide variety of medical needs.

MedNow Urgent Care Grovetown GA has a board-certified medicine doctor as its leader. It is located at 469 Lewiston Rd, Grovetown, GA. They are open on Sundays and late for non-life-threatening medical services. They also provide family medicine and nurse practitioners.

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