Urgent Care Gladwin

MyMichigan Urgent Care Gladwin Relocates

MyMichigan Urgent Care Gladwin offers comprehensive health care for minor injuries or emergencies. We also provide work-related physicals and drug testing. We are proud to offer Occupational Health services that ensure the safety and health of our workforce. Our friendly staff will respond quickly to your emergency needs. We will take care of you and all your family members.

MyMichigan Urgent Care Gladwin has moved to a new location at Cedar Avenue. The new location is directly across from Chemical Bank. The office will close from July 11 to July 13, and resume normal hours on the 14th. All providers will continue to provide excellent care and will see patients at this new location.

The Gladwin urgent care center is owned and operated by Great Lakes Medical, a local medical group. Because of their shorter wait times, urgent care centers are preferred by many residents in the area. Many urgent care centers offer weekend hours. They also have x-rays and labs on-site. They can also provide referrals to physicians. The Gladwin urgent care center, which is patient-centric, is a great option for minor injuries and illnesses. Its extended hours and experienced staff make it easy to see a doctor quickly and affordably.

Prices charged by urgent care facilities can vary depending on where they are located. An appointment can cost between $100 and $125. Online booking is possible to avoid long waiting periods. A typical visit can take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes. You can also check reviews of the clinic to determine whether it meets your needs. And of course, don’t forget to leave a review if you’ve had a good experience.

The majority of urgent care clinics offer a wide range of services so patients don’t have to wait for emergency treatment. Many have imaging services, labs, and procedure rooms. Some even have extended hours on weekends. The care centers can also provide occupational health services in addition to their regular hours. They are also more affordable than emergency rooms, so you can save money by going to the urgent care center for your health care needs.

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