Unmasked Shy Guy

The Unmasked Shy Guy in Mario and Other Games

In Mario Power Tennis, there is a cutscene where the Shy Guy is unmasked. By using emulator tools, you can move the camera in a position where you can see him unmasked. However, you will only be able to see a portion of his robe and headband, not his face. The unmasked Shy Guy was never intended to be seen in-game.

Shy Guy

The Shy Guy with a purple mask and purple shoes is one of the most powerful enemies in the Paper Mario series. This enemy is incredibly difficult to defeat and has a huge health and attack stat difference from other Shy Guys. Once defeated, he gives a large amount of Star Points.

As a masked rascal, the Shy Guy can be a real nuisance at parties. Despite the fact that they are nearly invisible, they can cause havoc for Yoshi, Mario, Magikoopa, and others. Here are a few ways to spot one of these mischievous rascals.

Nate Bihldorff is a senior localization manager for Nintendo Treehouse. He has worked on many Mario-related games. He has portrayed the Shy Guy in several games, including Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario 64, and Mario Party 4. He also voiced Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Ghost Guy

Ghost Guys are ghosts that can be found in Luigi’s Mansion. Their main weapon is a pitchfork, and they wear eyeless Shy Guy masks. Similar to Beezos in Super Mario Bros, these creatures are followers of King Boo, Bowser, and Wart. They also made a small appearance in The Legend of Zelda.

The Shy Guy’s mask can change his facial expressions. When he’s facing away from the camera, the mask looks like a human face. However, the mask is not permanent, as Shy Guys often wear face-like masks to emote. It’s also possible that Shy Guys wear masks to appear more realistic, but it’s hardly a new idea.

While Ghost Guys are similar to Shy Guys, they have a few notable differences. Some of them have different faces, while others don’t have any. Some of them have a field of black surrounding their face, which might represent an intense shadow or void within their robe. Other enemies in the Mario franchise have eye-like structures within a black void.

Shy Guys appear in Mario games, usually in Mario spin-offs. They made their playable debut in Mario Tennis 64, and have also appeared in Super Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 7. Once discovered, Shy Guys can be battled just like normal enemies. If Mario finds a Shy Guy in the Toy Box, he can use his Hammer to hit him.

Shy Guys can be a nuisance or an ally. They usually wear robes and masks with holes. Shy Guys’ masks represent their eyes and mouth. They can also be used as a trophy. In the Mario Strikers series, there is a special trophy for achieving this goal.

Mufti Guy

In the Super Mario series, the Mufti Guy is a recurring enemy, often called the Petal Guy. He wears a flower on his head and is one of Yoshi’s common enemies. When Yoshi gets too close to him, he will crouch down, hiding behind a flower. However, if Yoshi gets too close to him, the Petal Guy will jump out and hurt Yoshi.

The Mufti Guy is a popular character in video games like Mario and Super Smash Bros. He wears green robes and a headpiece made of flowers. He is almost impossible to defeat unless you reveal your identity. It’s not a bad idea to get to know the Mufti Guy, though.

Propeller Shy Guy

The Fly Guy is a subspecies of Shy Guy who first appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. They are very fast and often carry 1-Ups and rare Red Coins. They can also appear unexpectedly and move quickly. Fly Guys are a type of enemy that Mario must avoid.

Unlike regular Shy Guys, Flying Shy Guys have propellers on their heads. They can be defeated by jumping and stomping. Sometimes, they fly with a coin hanging from their bodies. The stats below are from the Japanese, European, and American versions. There is also a Shy Guy in the World of Nintendo game Bowser Jr.’s Journey that has propellers.

In Super Smash Flash 2, there are two stages where these enemies can appear. They fly towards the player and drop their food if attacked. The player can beat the Shy Guys by using a strong attack. Otherwise, they will change direction and fly offscreen. However, there is one Shy Guy that is special to this game: the Black Shy Guy.

Flying Shy Guys are a recurring element in Super Smash Bros. Melee. They drop food when attacked, and when knocked out, they spin downwards. Defeating a Flying Shy Guy will earn you a bonus called a “Shy Guy KO”. Flying Shy Guys appear in both Mario’s Island and Yoshi’s Island.


In Super Mario 64, Snifits appear as the shock troops of the Koopa Pack. Their weapons are similar to handheld machine guns. They fire Bullet Bill-like projectiles and can be used to destroy enemies. While they are usually black, some Snifits are green, blue, or yellow.

Snifits are not all scary, though. Some of them can be friendly and even helpful. They are often shown to be superior to Shy Guys. For instance, the pink Snifit commands the Shai Guyz in the Golden Coliseum, and the red Snifit commands the Shy Guy 5-Stacks in Fort Cobalt. They are also seen coaching Shy Guys in the exercise room. Sometimes, Snifits even lead their own armies.

Snifits first appeared in Super Mario-kun volume 8 and returned in the Western remake of Super Mario Bros. 2. They are larger than regular Shy Guys, but are easily defeated by Yoshi. They also appear in Super Mario World 2 and Yoshi’s New Island. In the Yoshi’s Island game, they are enemies in the Hazy Maze Cave and Rainbow Ride. Although they are small and not particularly dangerous, they can also be defeated by stomping or eating them.

Snifits are also present in Mario Party Superstars. However, the Snifits in Mario Party 2 and Superstars do not look exactly like their counterparts in the game. Their lower bodies and black masks are different from those of the Snifits in Mario Party 64. These differences are most likely due to the fact that they share the same Japanese name.

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