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Highlighting Round Faces With Underneath Hair

If you want to add some color to your hair, try applying highlights on the strands that frame your face. You can choose a symmetrical color or a contrasting one. Highlights are great for adding dimension and style to a round face. They can also be asymmetrical. In either case, the color you choose should complement your skin tone and the rest of your hair.

Highlights are applied to certain strands of hair

Highlights are applied to certain strands under the hair to create a contrasting color. They are applied to certain areas of the hair to create a dramatic look or a more subtle effect. Highlights are often applied to strands near the hairline or in the front to frame the face.

There are two main ways to apply highlights: foiling and slicing. Foiling separates the strands of hair that need coloring and helps ensure that only the desired sections get colored. Peekaboo highlights are applied to specific strands of hair, using foils to create a subtle multidimensional look. These highlights can help frame the face and bring out eye color.

Highlights are generally one to two shades lighter than the base color of the hair. Permanent highlights will last until new growth appears, while semi-permanent highlights will last from four to seven shampoos. Temporary highlights will fade away in about two weeks or less. You must consider the length of the highlights in your hair as they will vary depending on the type of color you use. For instance, red highlights will fade faster than blues, while black highlights are hard to remove once they’re applied.

Using foiling is the most common way to apply highlights. The foils are folded and processed. Once processed, the hair color is applied to the strands of hair, and they will appear from root to tip. This method is usually preceded by several other colors, and it creates uniform highlights throughout.

The process is also known as balayage. In this technique, the colorist paints hair with a special dye, which is usually lighter than the base color. The aim is to create an ombre-like effect in the hair, with the darker roots contrasting with the lighter mid-shaft and tips. However, balayage is not just for blondes – it’s suitable for all shades of hair.

Highlighting your hair is easy and can be achieved at home. At Mill Pond Salon, our technicians hand-paint certain sections of hair underneath the base color.

Colors can be symmetrical or asymmetrical

Hair colors are often considered a crucial part of a fashion statement. They can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Asymmetrical hair styles are incredibly versatile and add a fun and feminine edge to the look. Adding a contrasting color or accent hairstyle under the asymmetrical hair can give a dramatic look or a more subtle accent.

They can be applied to an entire layer of hair

When you apply products to your hair, it’s important to use your fingers to prevent over-application. Using your fingers can also prevent product from falling flat. Spraying directly into your hair can cause the product to fall flat or get everywhere else you don’t want it.

They accentuate the round face

Underneath hair can add a flattering balance to the round face. Long, choppy layers draw attention to the jawline and round face, while a textured part adds interest at the crown. You can also make your hair look extra-lifted by adding VO5 Instant Volume Powder to it. Split bangs are also a great look for round faces. They add detail without weighing the face down.

A modified pixie cut is a flattering cut for round faces. A layered top layer adds height and draws the eye upward. This accentuates the cheekbones and eyes. If your hair is naturally light or medium-light, keep the top layers longer to create more volume. Then, use volumizing mousse to lift your hair when it’s wet.

Long hair is also an excellent choice for a round face. Long layers will lengthen the face, making it look longer and wider. The shortest layer should never go above the earlobe. Too short layers will add unnecessary volume to the sides of the face, making it appear even rounder.

Another great hairstyle for a round face is a short bob with voluminous curls. A center part is another good option, but it is important to keep layers above the chin to give the face more width. Emma Stone’s current style hits a couple inches below the chin.

Round faces have rounded cheekbones and a wide face. The primary goal when styling your hair is to elongate the face. You can use bobby pins and hair jewelry to add height to the top of your head. If you don’t want to cut your hair long, side-swept bangs can add height to your round face.

Octavia Spencer wears her hair in a layered style with a centre part. The angled bangs add width to the face and highlight the cheekbones. Another option is to add a heavy bang two to three inches below the ear lobe. This style is also asymmetric, making the face look sharper. Asymmetrical styles are another great option for round faces.

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