Ucla Care Extenders

UCLA Care Extenders

If you would like to become one of the Ucla Care Extenders, there are several important requirements you must meet. First, all Care Extenders must report to work on time and stay for their entire shift. They must also complete the tasks assigned to them as quickly as possible. If they have trouble with something, they should ask for help. Additionally, they should not attempt to do tasks for which they are not trained. Lastly, they should report any unsafe situations to their supervisors as soon as they happen.

The Care Extender program helps students gain hands-on experience working in a real hospital environment. Care Extenders become respected members of the medical team and gain an insider’s knowledge of how a hospital operates. This experience will help them decide what they want to study further. Once they have completed their training, Care Extenders will be a valuable part of the UCLA Health community. UCLA Health is a medical complex located in West Los Angeles and has a rich history of transforming lives.

The UCLA Health safety program has policies that all employees must be aware of. These are found in the Safety and Disaster Manual. The Health department also has an Injury and Illness Prevention Program and a Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan. This program is governed by a safety committee that meets monthly.

UCLA Care Extenders volunteers work in UCLA’s health centers to help patients. They assist in different departments of the hospital. The program also has a diversity project that takes underrepresented minority students to study biodiversity. The diversity project provides an opportunity for students to learn from experts while gaining first-hand experience.

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