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Teen Mom OG Star Turns Off Comments on His Instagram

Tyler Baltierra turned off comments on his Instagram post. He had seen too many negative comments to handle anymore, so he decided to turn them off. Social media can be a cruel place and people can be incredibly harsh. In a post explaining his decision, he explained that he and his wife have been fighting a battle with mental illness.

The Teen Mom OG star is an open book about his mental health and recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He discussed the news on his Instagram and Twitter account and explained that he hadn’t planned on letting this private information go public, but later realized that it was time to be more honest. He also wrote original poetry as a form of self-care.

Tyler has been updating fans on his progress since 2020. He has gained muscle mass and cut body fat steadily. He even took a shirtless selfie, which got a ton of comments and fire emojis. This isn’t the first time Tyler has sported a t-shirt, but he definitely has worked hard to tone up.

While many of us have our own goals, Tyler Baltierra shares updates about his fitness and weight loss on his Instagram account. His first photo was taken when he was 203 pounds, and more recently, he weighs 179 pounds. You can keep up with the latest news and updates on his journey by subscribing to his free daily newsletter.

Tyler Baltierra and his wife Catelynn Lowell have been together for fifteen years and share four daughters. They got pregnant with their first daughter, Carly, when they were teenagers. They placed her for adoption in 2009, but the couple eventually welcomed three more daughters. Their fourth daughter, Rya Rose, was born in August of 2021.

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