Tyleah Brown

Tyleah Brown is a Vegan and Brand Ambassador for Whole Foods Market

After years of struggling as a part-time actress and a successful Facebook Live streamer, 19-year-old Tyleah Brown has become a vegan and brand ambassador for Whole Foods Market. Despite her early fame, she has been open about her personal struggles. She says she was introduced to veganism by her daughter. When her disability insurance ran out, she went on to become an Uber driver, which gave her some extra cash. In early March 2020, she started sharing vegan recipes and culinary ideas with her followers. Her posts quickly gained popularity and over 2 million followers.

Then she moved to Los Angeles, where she was working at Macy’s. She juggled two jobs and was unable to land a TV role. During this time, she also cared for her mother, who was suffering from ALS. It took three years for her to secure her first acting role, but she persevered and landed a small role in an indie film.

Chance and Tabitha Brown’s daughter was born prior to their relationship. While there are no confirmed reports about the identity of the father, many believe Tyleah is Tabitha’s biological child. Despite the fact that she was adopted by a different couple, Tabitha Brown has always treated her daughter as her own.

Tabitha Brown is an American social media personality and vegan food influencer. Born on February 4, 1979, she is 43 years old and belongs to the Aquarius zodiac sign. She is originally from Eden, North Carolina, and dropped out of college at age 19 after financial problems. In June 2020, she was invited on Ellen Digital Community for a personal appearance.

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